Wednesday, 21 December 2016

"Run Aleppo's child run", a track for a contest, and the start of something good...

A couple of days ago in just a bunch of hours I managed to quickly produce the track "Run Aleppo's child run",  rushing to meet the submission deadline of a contest.
The contest allowed to use only one vst synth - Synthmaster - (as many instances as one needed), using or factory presets, or presets from a couple of chosen extra banks, or original designed presets (being late I went for using some presets from 2 chosen banks), plus was allowed to add drum loops and some effects.
Now it's up to be voted for few days.

If you're on soundcloud and want to click on that little heart ♥ next to the track (if u like it) I'd truly appreciate and being grateful for.
While I want to thank all the guys at Kv331audio both for their gorgeous Synthmaster vst and for this opportunity, as the track was done on a hurry to be able to join the contest, along with another friend/collaborator of DCSI Productions I made the decision to later use it for another reason as well.

Once the contest will be over, I'll release a final improved version, with video too, which will be available online to be purchased. From 50% to 60% of the generated incomes will be devolved to a humanitarian organisation helping refugees from Aleppo city.
These days I'm
actually having a meeting with a local videomaker to see if we can make a video together for the purpose.
However the final version and all the related links will be available soon as possible, and I'll keep you posted both here and on all my DCSI Productions pages on the various social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, and so forth).

This is only a start, as from now on, every year DCSI Productions will be always active with this side activity to help and giving our humble contribution to charity/humanitarian organisations.
The name of this will simply be "DCSI for Life" and we'll host a page only for this purpose on this same website soon.

It's all by now, and to start as said, if you'd click the little heart on the contest track linked above, that would give us a help to gain more visibility at least during the contest period.
Thanks a lot. Take care guys.

* * *
Note: "Run Aleppo's child run" by Diego Callegari is copyrighted. DCSI Productions 2016

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