Monday, 5 December 2016

Nocturna: free FM Wavetable vst synth by ElektricCafe for Windows.

Another nice freebie synth!
Along with all the ones from the KVR Developers Challenge 2016, this years Xmas time is trult coming in advance.
So good to make music, alway gifts around the corner! Lucky people, aren't we?

ELEKTRIC CAFE it's an independent trance label, hosting some trance artists, and if you're interested about it please visit their page.
As a free giveaway this years they've just released a very nice wavetable FM synth VSTI for Microsoft Windows.

Bear in mind it's 32 bit, as some may complain about it. But honestly, when you really want to use a synth, no matter is 64 or 32 bit, there are plenty of ways to run and play it, both commercial and free solutions:
Reaper Daw runs 32 bit and 64 bit at the same time, Cantabile host too, Freestyle host too, VST Host as well, and many

Back to the description from their page:
" Including 2 wavetable Oscillators, dual LFOs, and Sub Oscillators Nocturna allows you to get deep into sound design. Included is a large sound Library with over 100 patches, future expansions and dozens of waveforms."
Plus it brings  wavetable manipulation, advanced manipulation controls, wave generator, x/y mappable envelope generator, and many internal effects.

Not bad at all for a freebie!
So if you're on Windows, and want to experiment with this kind of synthesis, just go and grab it.
Make some music with it, and most of all, I hope you're going to have fun.


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