Friday, 15 January 2016

Electronic Music & Synths Docu and Tutorials (youtube links)

Hi guys,
Here's a list I did of videoclips about synthesizers, some electronic musicians and movements, synth patches programming, and so forth, maybe old but interesting.
It's sticked here on the left side of the blog and on my facebook page too as a note, so always available and easy to find.
I'll keep it updated whenever I'm finding something nice/interesting to add. So if you're interested you're invited to occasionally come back having a look as I'll add new video.
Thanks. Be well.
Diego - DCSI

Electronic Music & Synths
Video documentaries and tutorials

Delia Derbyshire - Sculptress of Sound
The Delian Mode - Delia Derbyshire documentary
Absolute Genius | Delia Derbyshire | Doctor Who | S1E5
Delia Derbyshire — BBC Inside Out feature
The New Sound Of Music 1979  (1 to 4)
The Shape Of Things That Hum
Electronic Music History Documentary (1980)
Discovering Electronic Music (1983)
TB-303 Documentary - Bassline Baseline (2005)
Diggin' in the Carts - The Rise of VGM- Ep 1
Diggin' in the Carts - The Outer Reaches of 8-Bit - Ep 2
Diggin' in the Carts - The Dawn of a New Era - Ep 3
Diggin' in the Carts - The Cool Kid - Ep 4
Diggin' in the Carts - The Role of Role Play - Ep 5
Diggin' in the Carts - The End of an Era - Ep 6
Eliane Radigue - IMA Portrait documentary
Synth Britannia
The Summer Of Rave 1989 (Full Documentary HQ)
Generation Of Sound - Early 90s Rave Documentary
Richie Hawtin ~ Documentary
[Documentaire - Reportage] Universal Techno (1996)
People Who Do Noise (2008) Full Concert Movie Documentary
Krautrock The Rebirth of Germany == full length documentary (with Translating tools)
High Tech Soul - The Creation of Techno Music
The Chemical Generation - Acid House documentary
Pump Up the Volume Documentary (Complete Series)
Roni Size - BBC 2 - The Works Documentary Part 1 - 2
Synthesizer Documentary ~ Moog: A Film by Hans Fjellestad
Drum & Bass History - Underestimated
The Alchemists of Sound 1 to 6
Five Days at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop Part 1 to 3
Jean Michel Jarre in his studio, 1977. Rare footage
TELHARMONIUM - 66 years before the first Moog synth!
Magic Music From The Telharmonium Documentary 1 to 3
Micro Live - Computers In Music
Better Living Through Circuitry Jon Reiss
Kraftwerk Pop Art ( HD Documentary)
SECRETS OF ANALOG AND DIGITAL SYNTHESIS | Steve DiFuria | VHS instructional course | 1985
Intro to Synthesis Part 1 - The Building Blocks of Sound & Synthesis
Intro to Synthesis Part 2 - Types of Synthesis & Programming Examples
Intro to Synthesis Part 3 - Additional Synth Features, Performance Controls & Wrap Up
Welcome to Xenon (Suzanne Ciani)
The Story of the RCA Synthesizer
The Voder - Homer Dudley (Bell Labs) 1939
The Secret History of the Vocoder
Kraftwerk & The Electronic Revolution (10 parts, one is missing)

MODULO: The analog synth documentary
Vangelis Documentary
BBC Archive Tomorrow's World Moog Synthesiser
Legowelt - Studio Tour
Planet Mu: ยต20 (The Documentary)

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