Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A little update about the DCSI Productions world situation

My passion and respect for music, music softwares, instruments and effects and respect for software developers, sound designers and awesome companies releasing great products is not fading at all, but I admitt sometimes the life out of this wonderful world of sounds knocks at the door and mess things up occasionally so...

My sincere apologies for delaying all those reviews about third party commercial music softwares and apps which I often post about here and delaying as well giving away for free some sound samples and a bunch of my other virtual sample based instruments or Reaktor stuff I spoke about too.

Not going to explain here private things which one sometimes and unexpectedly have to face in the real life. Those absorb a lot of energy, time and attention when they happen.
We all have private a private life and all we face periods in which things may be uneasy to deal with for long...So again my apologies.

Nevertheless I am actually committing myself during this first half of the year to study, learn and practice more about several artistic and technical matters connected with music, synthesizers, sound design, graphic, photography and some others, plus I'm going anyway now do all the promised reviews as well one by one.

I already started a big bunch of those courses since the beginning of February and this week I'll post finally another new software or ios app review after the long break which came since I did the UVI Falcon one.
So please if interested keep being around and have a look here, in few days really will post the next one.

 I'll then start being more active too, posting some very quick "shoutout" about incoming commercial music software of other companies when available, some musician page I appreciate and some personal random thoughts concerning music and such, which I hope sometimes some of you may find stimulating. If so please feel free to interact with me about it commenting, if you wish.

Finally, but more rarely, I'll occasionally share some photography or graphics I kept doing but since very long I am no more sharing online.
If you have a look at the photo section on this web or directly on my Facebook page you can still find tons of old albums of picture I posted in the past years.
Regarding my personal music production projects the sharing will happen in the second half of this year. I am working on that ones too.
Actually have to change the name of one of my projects as I discovered a band already in activity which use the old name I took, so will update about it as well when is time.

Thank you very much for your time if you read up here.
I wish you all a very nice week.

Stay tuned and be well.
Diego - DCSI productions

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