Thursday, 31 March 2016

10 DCSI presets free for VBox 3 new freeware vst by Krakli

A good news! The well known freeware vst instruments wizard, Krakli, active since years, recently started again working on many nice brand new vst.

Just to name the latest 3 you can find:

based on PD synthesis
inspired by FM synthesis

 a kind of choirs emulator vst

For practical reasons Krakli is now active on Facebook and no more accessible on his old website He's hosting all these brand new vsts and the old ones too on his Facebook page and on a dropbox folder .

You can find all the info and links going here
As a pinned post on top of the page you'll find the direct dropbox link to where you'll be able to find and download all his awesome vst for free!!

While in the middle of preparing new software/vst/sample libraries and apps overviews
for the DCSI blog, I took 1 hour break yesterday and another 1 today to relax and had fun designing 10 original Dcs presets for the Krakli Vbox 3.

You can download them here directly on Krakli FB page or here on my Dropbox folder.

To use them as usual just load the Krakli Vbox 3 vst on your vst host and from there load the presets directly into the vst. Hope you like it.
I suggest you to download and try all the other Krakli vst too.
They are really of any kind: from additive synthesis to phase distortion, frequency modulation, more experimental and many others.
The little catch is they're all 32 bit...but with all the free vst hosts that nowadays can load 32 bit vst even on 64 bit os you will not find difficult to use and enjoy his virtual synthesizers.

Would be really nice if you join his facebook page (granted you're a social guy ;-)  ) and drop a greeting, a thanks or some feedback over there. I bet he will appreciate that.

Meanwhile stay tuned guys as I'm coming pretty soon with the next 2 brand new music software DCSI reviews.
Thanks and take care.
Diego - DCSI