Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Random considerations about music and sounds - n.1

There is something so great in certain drone sounds (not the “nasty” or “harsh” ones, but some more smooth and flowing..well..I'll explain better which one another time..) where their internal harmonics run free, here and there, intersecting each others, that is not explainable with words.
Like being immersed in a liquid flow really vast and you lose your body limits and gain something bigger/deeper/lighter. In fact you almost can experience there is no more your single "I" but more likely lose yourself inside that vast world. The interesting thing is that even if you are actually listening to some sounds only, if closing your eyes after a few you’ll start to see also something, brought to your visual attention and feeling by those same sounds.
When that music or sound ends if you are able to keep alive those experience within you, while going back dealing with your daily life stuff, you may discover it will add some more energy and wisdom to your being alive.
Note: no, I don't use chemicals or smoke weed, neither I'm drunk :-).
Music can be experienced at a much deeper and enjoyable level than quickly listening to a random pop songs while shopping in a mall. If you do that when you can it will pay you back and giving free energy and much freedom, often instantly.
Diego - DCSI

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