Wednesday, 7 December 2016

FRACTURE XT by GLITCHMACHINES. A new patchable glitch processor

Glitchmachines is an established, extremely creative and skilled group of developers, sound designers and sound artists, founded many years ago by a brilliant and long term sound artist, musician and designer: Ivo Ivanov. 
Glitchmachines during years made us confident about the high quality of their sonically modern and characteristic plugins and sample packs.
If you're into glitch electronic music and sound design, experimentation and originality, or you need to give a different twist to your sounds, samples and recordings, you'll love them.
The list of their available products is huge:

Convex a multi-effects processor. 
Subvert a 3-Channel multi-effects distortion 
Polygon a new sampler plugin 
Quadrant a modular sound generator and effects processing plugin 
Cataract a Segment Multiplexer pluginCryogen a modular buffer effects processor
I truly invite you to spend time visiting their website and diggin' audio demos and description for each of them, really time well spent.
The great news is that in these hours they've released an awesome brand new plugin.

Fracture XT is and expanded version "on steroids" of one of their well know former plugins: the free Fracture. I'm a long term fan of the former one, so I am sure the new version is going to be terrific!

Here are a few summed up lines taken from the description on their page.
"Fracture XT is a patchable glitch processor"
"...builds on its (Fracture) strengths with the addition of a new granular processor as well as improved buffer, delay and multi-mode filter algorithms." 
" features four flexible LFO’s with various waveshapes"
"a patchable modulation matrix and extensive randomization options"
"grains processor makes it possible to create anything from moody drones to pointillist electronic patterns and beyond"
"intuitive interface"
 "105 factory presets from Ivo Ivanov, Alex Retsis and Stephan Bobinger"

Here's an audio demo

For the endlessy creative manipulations that will allow you to do on any incoming audio material, the price of only $29 it's a total bargain !
Please visit their website for a detailed description.
You will happily find available some contemporary and great commercial sample packs too.
To get a feel of how they sound, you can start from listening to these free ones, and of course grab them if you like ;-)
the Spore free nanopack

the Cybernetics free nanopack
You'll get a glimpse of their sound design talent and skills.
And even more, as besides the great commercial plugins listed above, you can find also many free ones, each of them are totally worth to be downloaded and used in your productions!
Head over the shop page to get them.
Regarding your purchases over GLITCHMACHINES feel totally confident about it, as in my humble own experience, their customers support is one of the best out there!
Sincerely recommended!
Link here: 

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Have fun and take care guys. Cheers

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