Thursday, 1 December 2016

Freebie Alert: Cakewalk Rapture Session totally free by !

Hi guys, just a quick and much welcome freebie alert.😊
An awesome opportunity which still I don't know how long it will last os better to grab it as son as you can.
You can have completely for free the Cakewalk Rapture Session instruments!
Thanks to the kindness of !
Simply go over the Reverb website and if don't have already create an account.
Then on this page you will find how to get totally for free the software and redeem it over the Cakewalk website (in case you still don't have one you will be creating your account also at Cakewalk).

Insert then the given code and voilà, Cakewalk Rapture Session is yours for free and forever!
What a nice shot!
Go and have fun guys. Happy music making! Cheers
Diego - DCSI Productions

Grab it free

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