Sunday, 11 December 2016

Late Sunday audio news, goodies and sound curiosities

Hi guys
It has been a pretty gloomy winter day in the DCSI Productions cave., but no matter what, we kept doing our duties ;-) and here's a brand new post.
This time I'd like to point out some news, goodies and curiosities happened during this weekend.

Buy an app, help Doug
First of all, as some of you may already know, a precious member of the active iOS Musician online community, Doug Woods from Thesoundtestroom, which delivered for free, during years, tons of clips available on youtube, demoing with his friendly attitude all the music apps, possibly existsting on iPhone, iPod and iPad (and providing in this way a huge service for the ios musicians community) is now unluckily facing some personal health problems.

While we wish him all the good thoughts and wishes to reach soon a better condition, there is a way tomorrow  to help him out, simply buying some apps.
For one day, the December 12th, some developers will send him 100% of their app sales.
That's a very nice gesture from their side.
In this link here you'l find a page hosted at with the list of the apps, and relative iTunes store links, joining the cause.
There may be some apps you were waiting siince long to buy, which were maybe on your wish list, so have a look as these ones as could be the right moment to do that purchase and help a cool mate and his family out. Thanks

* * *

free sound designing software

While surfing here and there today I've found an awesome freebie.
The first one is Sound Chopper 2, developed and kindly released for free by Matteo Cerquone, musician and sound designer.
 Here following a sum up of the description you can read in its entirety on the website.
"Sound chopper 2 is a stand alone application built in Max/MSP...a tool designed mostly for sound designers and musician.
It features a granulator, stretcher, pitch shifter, slicer and tremolo, panner, bit crusher, 8 different delays (mono and stereo) and 8 filters....parameters can also be automated over time....are midi compatible, also you can use your webcam as an xy pad to interact with them.
Inside the software you'll find a pdf (under "Option" - "Let's get started") that explains it in more details."
To run it you anyway don't need to own MAX/MSP at all.
Just download the app and run it.
Note: some standalone Max/msp apps take some time to load up once launched, depending on your pc. So be patient and wait :-), on my old pc tooks about 40 seconds to appears.

It's available for Mac and Windows.
Hope it's a nice and useful one for you guys, Go, read, and grab it!

* * *

Here's a couple of interesting video and articles for synth heads and sounds lovers.
The first comes from website and it's a video about a moog modular synthesizer.

 While the video is a good opportunity also simply listen to the deep sound of these audio monsters, the article offers a variety of interesting informations on these synths and that periods, and toward the end details too on the restoration process.
Worth a read if you are into such kind of things.

* * *

Being Italian I'm happily surprised about a new discovery coming from my country.
AZZAMBELLS it's a company designing strange instruments, made out of high quality wood or marble, surely worth a look.
Here's a STONE ARP. Yes, exactly, stone. This instrument is made out of the finest Carrara's italian marble!

And here's a drum made entirely of Oak Mahogany wood!


Pretty cool stuff! If you're interested here are the links of this Italian sound lab.
Support their creativity.

* * *

Thanks for hanging around guys!
Have a nice time, and see you soon for other news and reviews.

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