Thursday, 1 December 2016

41 brand new freebies: synths,fxs,banks,sample packs! KVR DEVELOPER CHALLENGE 2016

Hi guys.
Xmas is really coming in advance this years for computer musicians !

Happy to spread the word about KVR audio website running once again the awesome

A huge number of committed developers, sound designers and audio wizards took part in this wonderful contest which, quite regularly (about each year or so), is hosted by KVR audio website,
one of my favourite audio forum and virtual place where to hang out.

This resulted in 41 submissions which is equivalent to us computer music makers in a virtual box full of gifts to keep us busy producing new music, tweaking our sounds, experimenting with new synths and effects for a very long time. And all downloadable right now for free!

Before running over there, the kind request I am suggesting to all of you , while scrolling the page, read about each entry and download them all, is to spend time casting your vote for each of them, once you've spent some time in trying them out. (Well, granted you have or want to do an account over KVR).
This because is, well, a contest, for those who submitted their own creations, and your vote is important and will allow some of them to be deservedly rewarded and get really nice prizes.
And not only them! Anyone (you too) voting will be entered into a random draw for tickets for entry to The NAMM Show 2017!
Plus some other awesome prizes! So really all to gain and nothing to lose!

This years among the entries we have stuff for Windows, Mac, Linux and Soundware usable in any os. Several synthesizers (let me say this, many of them really awesome..), effects, sequencers, arrangers, sample banks, audio tools, sound banks and more.

32 Plugins for Windows
21 Plugins for Mac
2 Plugins for Linux
8 AnyOS Soundware
Among them all there are really interesting and creative and useful ones as well. I recommend you to spend time checking them all!

Go grab them and have fun guys.
Happy music making.

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