Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Impact Soundworks shreds SHREDDAGE bundle pricing in association with Audio Plugin Deals


Audio software creator Impact Soundworks is proud to announce availability of SHREDDAGE GUITAR BUNDLE — comprising SHREDDAGE 2, the ultimate rock/metal electric guitar virtual instrument; SHREDDAGE 2 IBZ, featuring the ultra-aggressive sound of a legendary seven-string heavy metal guitar paired with the company’s most powerful KONTAKT engine yet; SHREDDAGE 2 SRP, featuring an all-American seven-string guitar perfect for rock, metal, and beyond, as performed by metal hero and YouTube star Jules Conroy (FamilyJules7x); and SHREDDAGE 2 CLASSIC, the brutal SG Standard sound of the original SHREDDAGE, supercharged and ported to the advanced SHREDDAGE 2 engine — at a time-limited 81% saving (including two ‘mystery’ products) in association with Audio Plugin Deals, an amazing web store dedicated to providing high-quality, high-value audio software at deeply-discounted, no-brainer prices.

SHREDDAGE 2 covers the entire range of lead and rhythm guitar playing — every fret, every string, and tons of articulations. A powerful interface allows for easy playing and deep customisation. With Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT PLAYER platform included alongside Peavey's ReValver HPse amp modelling software, SHREDDAGE 2 has everything needed to shred!
Saying that, literally and figuratively there’s much more virtual shredding to be had with Impact Soundworks’ SHREDDAGE GUITAR BUNDLE, boosted further still thanks to those two ‘mystery’ products (valued at $78.00 USD) included alongside SHREDDAGE 2 IBZ, SHREDDAGE 2 SRP, and SHREDDAGE 2 CLASSIC courtesy of that time-limited saving in association with Audio Plugin Deals — tens of thousands of samples in total with stunning realism and tons of articulations to pick and choose from!
Features worth shouting about — above and beyond SHREDDAGE GUITAR BUNDLE’s bargain pricing — include: 12GB total download size; MIDI guitar pickups compatibility; works with any amp/cab sim; multiple picking modes/behaviours; dozens of playing techniques; double- and quad-tracking capabilities; virtual fretboard display with deep tweaking; custom-built FX rack with amp + cab sim; hi-gain FX presets for instant gratification; completely customisable articulation mapping; and all-new ADVANCED tab to allow under-the-hood-style editing… the list goes on.
On the face of it, then, there has never been a better time than now to take advantage of this unmissable deal and add virtual shredding to today’s software-centric setups. Best be quick, though… this Audio Plugin Deals-driven discount ends on September 20!

The time-limited SHREDDAGE GUITAR BUNDLE bargain can be purchased and instantly downloaded directly from Audio Plugin Deals for $99.99 USD until September 20, 2017 from here: (Note that purchasers are then redirected to complete their order here:

While SHREDDAGE GUITAR BUNDLE is completely compatible with Native Instruments’ KONTAKT PLAYER (version 5.5 or higher), note that the ‘mystery’ products require the full version of KONTAKT.
About Impact Soundworks (
Impact Soundworks creates audio software designed with composers in mind: sample libraries, virtual instruments, and plug-ins. As passionate about creating music tools as its customers are about making music, the company was founded in 2008 by composers Andrew Aversa and Will Roget, II at a time when there were several large virtual instrument companies already around, but few developers creating affordable, flexible, and focused libraries featuring more unusual and unique sounds. Shrewdly, the dynamic duo noticed much in the way of in-depth orchestral offerings, but more unusual instruments were not being sampled with much detail at all. As such, the company’s first two releases were Impact Steel, a collection of found metal objects played as percussion, and Sitar Nation, a set of instruments from North India. It has since been collectively working hard to address the needs of modern composers, successfully striking the balance between depth and ease of use. Ultimately, Impact Soundworks is proud to call tens of thousands of musicians around the world its customers, intelligently investing time to study suggestions and review requests. After all, that is how a number of its best-loved libraries started… from the smallest seed!
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