DCSI Productions being an indie music productions studio and label as well (that's one of the goal) gathers together different projects:

A clarifying note.
You can find a Facebook page here below for each music production, as point of reference, if you're interested in joining and following the development of each project and being updated when news are coming.
However at the present moment each respective production is a work in development, ongoing and involving several aspects (music development and production, imagery, clips, text, graphics, concepts, mood, gadgets, merch, organisation, and so on).
Although on DCSI Productions music agenda, each of them has already been planned and set up in details, the whole process takes time, so you'll likely see some of them coming to a definitive release pretty soon, some others may takes several months and fews even a couple of years.
Therefore, while liking the pages (and you are truly welcome to do so) you will not find still much over there, but as said, whenever something is ready or some announcements are posted, those are the good places where it will happen.
Under each project name (which, accordingly to the number of members involved and the kind of music, could be a solo one, or a band one, a live one or a studio one) you can find a very superficial-quick description just to give you a hint.
Things will be more clear with time passing and the first real music releases. Trust that all of these are going to happen, it's just a question of time and production.
When the whole machine starts to move more clearly, this page too will be updated and make more complete. By now, thanks for reading.

DCSI Productions label projects:

New Wave/Pop Rock/Indie/Alternative
ROTOBAM (solo)
Dance/Trance/Pop Electro/Synth Pop/D'n'B
Hard rock/Dark country rock/Stoner rock/Hard Blues
VUHON (solo)
Electronic Dark Ambient/Experimental Techno/IDM
Instrumental Acoustic/Folk Goth/Experimental Country
QHUV (solo - concept studio project)
Experimental Electronic Music
ELEKTROSCHWEISS (solo - concept studio project)
Unplugged Raw Electric Instruments samples based music

Likely to be considered mostly my public profile page, with random posts of anykind, and occasional own's music solo project posts (very rare at the moment as I'm involved in following all the other productions and DCSI Productions activities, some in first person, some as member, some as coordinator/affiliate producer...)


(hard rock, new wave, progressive, alternative) 

Auradome YouTube demo video

If you like this project and want to help
speeding up the production process
you're welcome to share, subscribe to the blog.
and to make donations!Estimate first album release 2016

join Auradome on Facebook here:



Rotobam released the first 2 tracks in January 2010.
After a break of about 4 years, new, different and improved material, it's under production.

you can buy this old double single on:

join ROTOBAM on Facebook:


(experimental electronic audio visual)

Musique symetrique is an audio visual graphic project and installation in which the production follows a concept of symmetry, in an analytic and artistic way, regarding the track composition, the arrangement, the sound structure and the visual aspect of the audio analysis.
Furthermore each audio track can be looped, as its respective waveform too in a visual way, repeating the symmetry endlessly. Sound and vision originate from the same object, beginning and end of each other, creating an "uniqum" in an aesthetic way. 
Used in the production: stereo field recording, mono lo-fi environment recording, sampling, granular synthesis, acoustic instruments playing and objects percussion,open source audio editing software,
v.s.t. instruments and effects, d.a.w. editing and mastering, graphic editing software and visual audio analysis software.

Audio project 

Graphic project:

This first album is available as free download (name your price = 0) but donations are welcome
to support the development and production of the second volume which will follow.


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