These are some artworks, prints, original hand made single pieces (pyrographed artworks on wooden panel), and other kind of gadgets, available to be purchased, and contributing to DCSI Productions activities.

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How to get one or more pyrographed artworks? Scroll down this page and read.
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PLEASE NOTE: At the present moment we've closed our Redbubble account and removed all artworks on sale
(therefore no t shirts, no posters, no stickers,
no various merchandising).
As soon as we'll open a new online store for our merch
we'll keep you posted and update this space.
Thanks for your support !

(limited edition)
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Each one will be in a limited 5 copies edition only, then will be taken away from sale.
We'll personally send you signed and numbered vaildity certificate too.

* * *

Want to get something?
- Original handmade artworks, such as the pyrographed ones, available only here, are meant for EU countries only. (This due to shipping costs to extra EU countries, which would be higher than the cost of the artwork itself, and we agree is not doable).
 - While all the other items available through known online selling platforms (as Redbubble, Saatchi, and so on) shown here, can be purchased and shipped all around the world.
- Under each item it's specified if it's available to purchased only from this page, through a simple paypal payment (safe for both of us) or if it's available on other websites, and in such case click on the related link.

How can you get items available on this page only?
If you find something you like among those, simply write us an email at
Specify the exact name of the item you are interested about, add your info which we'll use to ship it to you once the payment is done (such as name, address,, country). In about 24 hours (usually far less) we will reply you back with all the info, answering to your questions, if any, and we'll provide you also the paypal link to use to proceed.
If you finally confimr your interest, from the moment we will receive the payment on paypal we will confirm it to you,and send the package away in 24 hours and will provide you a tracking code.

About your privacy
Once the item it's delivered at your address, we'll erase all your personal data, so be sure you are safe with us.

How we behave
All items sold here are priced with the shipping costs included. Paypal offers the known protection in a transaction for both sides. Then we're human beings just like you, committed in doing good, so please be confident about it. If you need just ask anything you want by email and we will answer for sure, no matter if you'll chose to finalize or not your purchase.

Cheers and thanks

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