Saturday, 29 October 2016

FREESTYLE by New Sonic Arts - vst/au plugins host - DCSI video overview

Hi guys,
after a very long break, and some issues happily solved (technical as well) I am finally able to share this new video introducing an awesome plugin host by New Sonic Arts.

FREESTYLE is aimed to help you perfoming music live, using vst/au instruments and effects on your computer. Nevertheless it works fine as a normal plugins host too in your home studio.
Works fine on Windows and Mac and it's available both in 64 and 32 bit.
Its internal structure allows you to load, configure, stack, mix, patch any kind of virtual instruments and effects.
It loads wave samples, comes with some internal good quality effects too, and anything within can be assigned in several ways to your hardware midi controllers
Even more interesting you will find the option to create keysplit zones on your masterkeyboard, to be able to play several virtual synths/samplers at the same time when needed.

It comes bundled with demo versions of Nuance, Granite and Vice, 3 creative instruments from the New Sonic Arts products line, this will allow you to try those out as well..
Over their website you can download a 60 days Freestyle working demo, more than enough time to check if it fits your needs.
For more insight please watch the video.
Its developement is quite active and the New Sonic Arts team keeps updating it, improving and adding new features along the way. If after using it, you have some improvements to suggest, or features to ask, feel free to get in touch with New Sonic Arts using their form inside the account area once you've created one.

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Take care and see you soon with the next video overview.
Diego - DCSI

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Thanks to: Sampletekk (pro Kontakt Instruments) and Synthmorph (pro sound design for synthesizers)

I'd like to shout out my humble but hearfelt sincere thanks to 2 awesome sound designers and their respective companies, for the wonderful opportunities I had to win their prizes from their respective recent giveaways (...yes, I've been extremely blessed to win twice! ).
I've got a huge multisampled Gran Piano library, a vertical Piano sfz library and a sweet monostring antique Dulcimer from SAMPLETEKK, and the super fabolous NAVE Wavetable synthesizers by Waldorf, from SYNTHMORPH).
So, once again, thank you very much guys, all my gratitude, now I am even more committed in working and having fun producing my music!

Sampletekk is a company producing and selling terrific and incredibly expressive piano sample libraries for Kontakt,  EXS24 Mk II and HALION.

The varierty of Grand Pianos, Vertical Pianos and Electric Pianos is huge, all multi sampled with accuracy (huge numbers of samples/layers of velocity) and high quality equipments.
I guess you will be able to find so many different sound colors that for sure there will be the right one to satisfy your needs.
Besides Pianos are available also some historical instruments, 2 synths, some organs, choirs, winds and percussion instruments too.
I invite you to have a look at their website full of detailed audio demo for each product.

Synthmorph is a company run by Blaise, a talented sound designer, which has been making factory sounds for Waldorf, Steinberg, and Softube synthesizers.

Besides working with these companies, Blaise is releasing on his website commercial presets for other third party virtual synths too, and surely will add new products to his line as soon as ready.

Have a look at his website

Diego - DCSI