Besides being a musician and a sound geek I use to take pictures and produce graphics since decades.
I started uploading a while ago on my fb page where you will find some of my original photography and artworks. The oldest works posted yeats ago on Facebook in low res have an annoying logo on it, but if interested about hi-res/no logo pictures feel free to get in touch.

To look at new recent digital artworks please refer to our DCSI Productions instagram account.
While if you're interested in purchasing them as prints, stickers, t-shirts, mugs, clocks, bags, leggings, laptop, ipad and iphone covers, and whatnot, please refere to our Redbubble account.

Last but not least these ones below are old works from back in time up to 2013:

Albums in a random order, before 2012:

last winter tales - 44 pictures

scifi collection - 30 pictures

circle lights - 14 pictures

garbage vol.1 - 20 pictures

a building that no more exists - 22 pictures

things related to industries - 38 pictures

twigs - 13 pictures

garbage vol.2 - 23 pictures

old and new buildings and their parts - 124 pictures

flowers and plants vol.3 - 112 pictures

above - 40 pictures

metal things - 42 pictures

cemetery statues - 57 pictures

garbage and other stuff - 18 pictures

random objects n.1 - 47 pictures

pieces of wood - 18 pictures

voodoo vol.1 - 26 pictures

spider - 16 pictures

things related to railways - 81 pictures

walls, bricks, stones and floors - 43 pictures

water - 27 pictures

old violin - 14 pictures

works and manipulations 2011 - 42 pictures
flowers and plants vol.2 - 12 pictures

early graphic works vol.4 - 34 pictures

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