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Welcome! In this web you can find news about my activities and productions related to the world of music, audio, sound design, photography, digital manipulations and video. 

I was born in Rome, Italy, and I started long time ago as self taught in many artistic areas, mostly music and analog photography, with some periods involved in video making too.
After moving during my childhood to the north of Italy and a lot of practice for years in bands and on my own I played live in many different situations and produced music as a rock, progressive, new wave, alternative, pop and instrumental musician, playing several instruments (guitars, bass, keyboards, drum, percussion and singing) and cooperating from the end of the 80's until 2005 with many other fellows and friends. In the meantime I spent time doing some courses and laboratories, among which the most relevant are:
  • Sound engineer and light technician diploma, 2003/2004 at C.N.A. Rovigo and Veneto Region, Italy
  • Professional video editing course, 2001/2002 at private school “Accademia nazionale del cinema” (ex Cinestudio s.r.l. ), teacher: Paolo Vanghetti, and attendance at audio editing courses with Alessandro Scala teacher. Bologna, Italy
  • Certificate of attendance of “Contemporary American music history and composition”, 2002, at “Conservatorio statale di musica – A.Buzzolla”, Adria (Ro), Italy , teacher:Jon Bauman from Frostburg University, Maryland, U.S.A.
  • Attendance at music school courses: composition, piano and music theory at “Conservatorio statale di musica – A.Buzzolla”, Adria (Ro), Italy 2001 - 2003
  • Laboratory and history of traditional video animation, at Candiani Cultural Centre, Mestre (Venice), Veneto Region, Italy. April 2008
From time to time I crossed the Italian borders going to the U.K., Germany, France and to Poland.
In my past I did many technical jobs and artistic productions/exhibitions connected to my interests, as photographer, video maker, editor, sound technician, audio and video assistant, and short periods as graphic designer too.

Among these I had some original photography and artworks published in an alternative Italian art magazine (Flesh Out 2001) and another graphic catalog, plus other digital image and video exhibited in collective artist exhibitions in Italy:
  • “PEOPLE” - 2006 – White Gallery - Ass.Paradigma – Collegno (TO) 21 sept. / 5 nov. 2006
  • “CAVOUR 12 - estemporanea di pittura ed arti varie” – Copparo (FE) 22/23/24 sept. 2006 ;
  • “E.T.R. - 2006”, at Busker Garden – Ferrara Busker Festival – august 2006 - Ass. E.T.R: ;
  • “Fototessera – Ass.Paradigma” in Torino/Turin - dec.2005
  • “Prospettiva Neo – Ass.Paradigma” - Civic Museum of Collegno (TO) – nov.2005
  • “Rowoodstock” social, music and art meeting and festival in Rovigo 2005
  • “Rowoodstock” social, music and art meeting and festival in Rovigo 2002
  • Videoclip “Cambiamenti” with original music and images projected at “Reggio Film Festival” in 2001
  • “Cacciatore di spettri” short film produced and projected at some local short film exhibitions in Veneto, Italy, 2003.
Besides doing many gigs as a musician over the years, I also had some tracks played on the radio and articles and reviews written in local and alternative Italian magazines. I also wrote pieces for acoustic instruments played live for a theater piece and a classical music concert (featuring piano, classic guitar, flute, percussions).


I recently spent quite a large amount of time refreshing and improving my knowledge through many online tutorials on several sound design and synthesis matters (youtube tutorials, documentaries, online forums and dialogues with many kind sound designers are great resources which the modern internet made available to all of us), and attended 3 additional university online courses as well.

I am now working on 3 solo projects, one rock, one pop electronic and another related to experimental and conceptual electronic, instrumental and sound design, at times involving the visual side too.
In the mean time I am creating patches/presets for third party virtual synths after a period spent on sampling, spectral and granular audio editing and many other aspects regarding the world of sound design.
I recently started working on my original sound libraries and VSTi production too, based on original recordings, samples and experimental sounds editing and I'll be ready to release them within the next months.
After a past cooperation with an Italian online computer music magazine writing articles and reviews, I'm planning to keep going the same process on my own, thorugh some pdf free releases or video on a dedicated new Youtube channel.

Last but not least I keep on taking pictures and produce my digital photo, graphic artworks and video.
I am available for professional collaborations and productions regarding music and sound scapes, sound design, images and similar.

Some Italian press and flyers about my past activities (1996-2005)

Short film / music reviews / photography meeting
Music for 3 instruments for a theater play / other solo live concerts
Concert for original piano and flute music
Short film laboratory and production
MYOON - one of my past pop band producing original music
Deshuesada - one of my past rock band producing original music
again Deshuesada

For contact and requests email at: dcsiproductions@gmail.com

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