Thursday, 20 July 2017

Saal Digital Quality EU printing service quick shout-out

I recently had the chance to use the printing service from Saal-Digital and since the print I've ordered arrived in my place, after checking it I cannot avoid recommend it, if you're EU based and need to print on any kind of size, material and format.
Saal digital is a company based in Germany and their websites and services are available online and accessible from all over Europe.

Considering my personal needs and the space available where our image is gong to be hanged I've chosen to go for a print on a PVC panel measuring 60 x 80 cm and 5 mm thick, with opaque finish.
I'd like to pont out immediately a bunch of good points.
First from the moment I've done my order, after uploading the image on their website to be printed, I've immediately received a confirmation and incredibly only few hours later another email saying the print was already done, packed and ready to be shipped.They have been extremely rapid. A very good point on that !
Second: since at the moment I'm doing this review I'm Italy based, and maybe you too watching this video could not be living in Germany, I had a certain worry concerning the package may have come in many days and/or maybe damaged as it's a not standard shape.
But my worries completely disappeared as soon as the print arrived, in just 3 days, and considering the distance and the weekend in between, at the time we made the order, the delivery too has been quite quick.
It was indeed shipped in a slim and big pack, totally sturdy and safe, made of thick heavy cardboard.
Inside the print was extremely well wrapped in nylon film and again protected inside another thick and heavy cardboard folder.
When I've unpacked everything the pvc panel was totally straight, not even slighlty bent and neither a single scratch on any area of the prints.
Another point I'd like to mention, and I guess the most important, is my total satisfaction regarding the quality of the print itself, the colors, the saturation, the brightness and contrast of the image rendered on pvc. I'm pretty happy about it, specially considering that my image was not a normal photography, where "what you see is what you get" so to speak, but an image I made composing and editing material from different sources, like 2 different 3d models I did of our DCSI Productions logo blended together, and 2 different backgrounds mixed and edited, with a bunch of added light & color effects inside a photo editing software.
Watch this review as video on youtube
Please don't be mislead by the low quality of the quick video
done using a consumer camera, the quality of their product is very good.

Since I mostly use my present computer for audio editing and just occasionally for image editing, the LCD monitors available are not calibrated for an accurate image and video editing at the moment, therefore you never know about how much of what you're seeing on the monitor will be actually the same when printed, regarding the image saturation, brightness, contrast, and so on.
Moreover what you see on a monitor is through RGB technology which is different from the color management used when printing, and, as my 2 monitors by now are not the same brand and model, even on screen the image was a bit different when seen on each monitos.
So I've been totally happy when I saw the print was somehow right in between the two versions on my monitors, a correct balance. Another good value of the quality of their printing service.

When you upload your own image to be printed, it can be done directly through their website or through their free designing software available for OSX and Windows.
It's very easy to use and stable, where you can actually edit, create layouts in case you need to compose a collage of several pictures, or you go for a photo-book, or a calendar, and want to arrange the pictures disposition on each page.

This can be done in two ways: an automatic one where different kind of premade layouts are available, or manually, where you have total freedom to organize the photos disposition as you like.
I'm not going into details regarding the several kind of printing formats and products you can order, as you just need to pay a visit to their website and you'll see by yourself.
But I can quickly mention they print on canvas, any size, panel of different materials, high quality photographic paper, photobooks, on pvc, or as posters, fine art prints, calendars, wall decors, cards, and much more.

They use several priting techniques and finish, both for indoor prints or outdoor ones, such as a store sign for example.
Often Saal Digital offers discount codes so you can test the products on your own at a very good price.
If you wanna pay a visit and see yourself here's their website

I can only honestly say I've been extremely pleased by the whole service, the kindness of the customer service too when I had twice to get in touch to ask some informations, and most of all for the quality, the speedy handling of my order, the safe shipping and delivery. Totally recommended.

Thanks for reading guys and see you around soon.
Cheers, DCSI Productions

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