Saturday, 20 June 2015

Imperfektor by DCSI - dual band multifx for Reaktor

Hi, as promised here we go.
Today ready to be dowloaded free! 


Imperfektor is a dual band multi effect by DCSI, built within Reaktor environment. You need to previously own Reaktor and set Imperfektor as a Reaktor effect.
The main idea behind it is the concept of unpredictable audio variations, freely inspired by those analogue imperfections which in certain cases old hardware audio machines were producing when their internal components were not stable, old, or malfunctioning.
Its main use is therefore to add random audio imperfections to music performances based mostly on long synth pads sounds, drones and similar sources and let them act in an unpredictable, not time synced, neither repetitive way, making the sound more "alive and breathing".
You can anyway try it out experimenting on anything else you want.
After some headscratching and different kind of designs...

...I ended up to build it as a dual band effect, to be able to apply those variations differently to each chosen group of frequencies.
Parts of its chain are: light random volume and filters modifiers, resonators, random frequencies shifters, saturators, a clipper, random panners, mixers, and a limiter.
It's strongly recommeded to read the pdf manual included in the download zip before its use
to get a proper view and understanding of its functions and signal flow.
In the meantime here's the IMPERFEKTOR introductory youtube video.

Being totally free for your use I do hope you're going to have fun and let me know about it!

If you'll find it of useful and wants to contribute to keep the creative process going and support the release of other free DCSI productions and activities any donation is truly welcome ;)
Oh was almost forgetting ;- )'s the download link. It's a zip file in which you'll find both the ensemble and the instrument Reaktor versions, depending on your needs, and the pdf manual.
Probably a different "IMPERFEKTOR XT" version will be released too during this summer !!
So keep being around here, join me on Facebook if you're a social guy and subscribe to the newsletter here above as other cool stuff as the next "AVIO" Reaktor synth by DCSI is coming soon.
And not only said many things are going to happen here. Happy music making guys!
Bests - DCSI

I'd sincerely like to thank Salamander Anagram from ADSR tutorials to let available for free his CROSSOVER FILTER Reaktor's macro , which I used in IMPERFEKTOR.

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