Saturday, 20 January 2018


SOUNDSCAPER VST/AU. is a FREE polyphonic rompler with 12 samples taken from Flintpope’s Reaktor Soundscaper, to give you a flavour of the latter instrument.

Soundscaper is aimed at sound-designers and in the Reaktor version there are 254 samples, 96 presets and a staggering 16000 possible combinations of sounds.
Read more about Reaktor Soundscaper here

Meanwhile, Soundscaper VST/AU boasts a representative selection of sounds from the three banks “Synthwaves”, “Soundscapes” and “Percussives” in the Reaktor version and a selection of controls.

Attack, Release, LFO Amount, LFO Waveform (Triangle,Saw, Square, Exponent), LFO Rate, LFO Destination (None, Pitch, Expression, Pan), Preset Select, Cut, Room (reverb), Pitch, L/R balance and Master.

Get Soundscaper VST/AU here.

Watch the demo video here:

Listen to Soundscaper audio demo here:

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