Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Pro Audio Files Releases Mastering in the Box. Downloadable Training Course from Ian Vargo

The Pro Audio Files is pleased to share the debut in-depth training course from Ian Vargo: Mastering in the Box.
With the rise of home studios, the advent of higher quality plugins, and many engineers
mixing 100% in the box, the mastering process has in some ways followed suit. It’s
more accessible than ever to take a song all the way from start to finish yourself — but
for many, mastering is still an unapproachable, nebulous process. Until now …

In our latest training course, Mastering in the Box, professional engineer Ian Vargo
reveals all, teaching you how to get high quality mastering results at home using 100% plugins in the box.
The course features thirteen topic-specific workshops and eight walkthroughs in various
genres, plus all the song files are included so you can practice along.
Whether you’re an aspiring mastering engineer or a producer/mixer looking to add that
extra spice/competitiveness/love to your music, this course shows you how to get it
there and drastically elevate the quality of your work.

Learn How to Get Great Sounding Mastering Results In Your Home Studio — 100% In The Box

In this two-hour course, Ian Vargo teaches you how to get great sounding mastering results at home using exclusively plugins in the box. Includes thirteen topic-specific workshops and eight different genre walkthroughs, plus all the song files so you can practice along with the course.
  • What is mastering and the roles of a modern mastering engineer
  • Mastering walkthroughs in eight different genres using only plugins
  • The role of loudness and dynamics in modern mastering
  • Essential types of plugins and processing for mastering in the box
  • The best types of EQ for additive vs subtractive processing
  • How to use additive EQ to increase energy, clarity and low end
  • How to use subtractive EQ to clean up and enhance the sound
  • How to add energy to the bass and kick drum in a stereo mix
  • How mid-side processing can be extremely useful for mastering
  • When to use tape saturation or compression instead of EQ
  • When it's a great idea to use EQ before compression
  • Overview of client interaction, file distribution and more
  • Learn the ideal compression ratios for a mastering context
  • The basics of multiband compression and when it’s most helpful
  • Tips for using exciters, enhancers and saturation in mastering
  • Fun and obscure tricks for coloring a sound using tape emulation
Take your music to the next level with Mastering in the Box


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