Thursday, 16 March 2017

A good bunch of new freebies for your incoming weekend :-)

Here's a quick list of freebies collected from the past weeks for you guys.
Grab 'em and have fun.
 * * *

2S EQ is a parametric EQ featuring a straightforward user interface. We believe everyone can use it without learning. And it is free. (Mac and Windows)

(scroll down their page to find it)

 * * * 
SL84 Console EQ
BRITSH 80 Series style eq (windows 32 bit)

 Simple compressor/limiter (windows 32 bit)

 "NINE THOUSAND" Channel strip with Compressor, Gate, Filters, and EQ
(windows 32 bit)

  * * * 
 EU ProMixEQ-10A is designed to produce precise musically sounding tones with minimum coloration, artifacts and harshness of sound, ideal as main mixing equalizer for individual instruments / tracks. Equalizer uses latest available technologies (DSP codes) of EQ/Filter virtual circuits to provide clean, high resolution sound.

* * * 

FREEFORM instrument for Kontakt

FreeForm, a free rompler instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring version 2 of Channel Robot’s Formula engine. You need to create a free account to be able to see and download it. Details over here:

 * * * 
OSL Chorus is modelled after the Juno 60’s onboard chorus. It produces rich, wide choruses that are perfect for bringing dry synthesizers to life, but it sounds equally good on guitar, bass, and other instruments. Windows and Mac compatible.

 * * * 

CRYSTAL GOBLETS & EUGENE for Ableton Live and Kontakt
Flintpope has released Crystal Goblets & Eugene, a free instrument pack for Ableton Live and Native Instruments Kontakt, in collaboration with Animus Invidious of PerforModule.
For a detailed description and download please visit

* * *

Ok guys that's enough by now to keep you again busy for the weekend ;-) and for free!
Talk soon with some software reviews.
Take care.

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