Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year's Freebies!

Happy New Year folks!
Experiencing since many hours some deadly slow internet over here, to keep you busy and happy here's a bunch of really nice freebies, until I won't be back with new reviews of pure *awesomness* regarding commercial plugins!
So while you wait, enjoy these ones from the free side of the Force ;-) 

Music_SDP: a huge modular system of effects and synths, in which you can create nevereding possibilities either for making music or sound design. I strongly invite you to have a closer look at their website, full of detailed descriptions, in depth video tutorials, and alll kind of infos, as this incredibly free software seems to be a very deep one.

* * *

The KRAKLI plugins (win 32 bit), active since 2000 with really many kind of vst instruments, now all available as freeware, and after a break, back to activity in this past year, with quite a bunch of cool synths, bringing you several kind of synthesis (addictive, frequency modulation, phase distortion, subtractive...), sequencers, and weird sonic machines of any kind, even a monster modular one, Komodo.
Now since few days with a new kid on the block too, the KR5 sequenced drum machine.
Check its website and grab them all if you hadn't already. 

* * *

Then here comes an update of DIGITS (win/mac/lin 32/64 bit), a very tiny synth, in size, but extremely capable in power, phase distortion synthesis at its best!

Have a nice start of the year guys and keep focusing on the good stuff of life ;-)


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