Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Rotobam - Don't trick the hostile kid (quick demo for a synth contest done in less than 4 hours)

I entered a contest doing some pretty raw having only 4 hours left before deadline.
Granted is mentally and phisically not possible to produce and finish a track in a proper way having 3 and half hour left only, playing all the parts by hand on the keyboard, arranging it, editing it properly and doing the mastering, this is all I was able to do in such short time.
The track had to be done using a single synth only which in this case was SynthMaster by KV331 and its own presets, I used the iPad version as I have that one, only added a bunch of drum loops, playing each track with the masterkeyboard, so it's not sequenced or quantized, as there was no time or I would have been too late. Just some cuts to make it more regular.
Only 1 delay fx added on a single part, nothing else on any track
Only a multiband compressor on the master output.
All done within the synth itself. For these reasons is a raw demo.
Will re-open the track and finish this for my pleasure during the next days and post a definitive version. Was a challenge for myself to be able to do it in such little time however. So I am in peace with myself and feeling ok.
If you want guys have a listen to the demo and thanks. Cheers

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