Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Reaper 5 is out!

REAPER 5.0 !!
Today this awesome daw got a huge update! Windows (Xp to 10) and OS X (10.5* to 10.10) ready and works on Wine too if you're a Linux guy.
It is superlight, stable, full optional and its gui totally customizable, tons of free themes avilable to download.
You can try it for free up to 60 days and then if you like it and find it of good use, which I can bet will happen, its basic license is really cheap for low budget studio, as well as can completely suit the needs of big studio as well and worth the licenses price.
The only feature missed (still) you may want to consider is the lack of a score page, but there are some workarounds for exporting a score (check the forum and go see Lilypond related posts).
However its piano roll midi page does a great job.
Support this company! They're hard working committed guys and a lot users oriented, the community on the forum is pretty active and tons of already freely downloadable extensions are available online.
Check its related forum
They keep updating it and fix bugs on a regular basis when they occurs and add often new features.
I am not earning any cent telling this, I just love it and if we all can do lil effort to use legit and very good and cheap software this improves also the relationship about musician and committed honest developers.
And you're lifting up your karma ;)
Support first class affordable software, avoid piracy.
Try it and buy it if you need it and like it. Cheers

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